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Introducing a Comprehensive Solution for Music Distribution, Music Marketing, and Music Publishing! Unlock the Potential of Your Music on Leading Platforms such as Spotify, Wynk Music, Gaana, JioSaavn, Hungama, Callertune, and More! Expand Your Reach and Maximize Your Earnings with Royalties for Every Play and Stream!

Our Services

Digital Music Distribution

With our marketing efforts and deep relationships with Music Platforms, we are able to give adequate boost for new releases so that there is strong visibility and uptake for the content.

Music Marketing & Playlist Pitching

With our marketing efforts and deep relationships with Music Platforms, we are able to give adequate boost for new releases so that there is strong visibility and uptake for the content.

Callertune (CRBT)

We create your music on CRBT (callertune) on various  telecom network/operators. Our Callertune partners - JioSaavn/Jio, Wynk/Airtel, VI & BSNL, MTNL, etc.

Artist Services

Instagram Profile Linking, Official Artist Channel (OAC), Wynk/Jiosaavn/Spotify Profile Claim. Artist profile creation, etc.

Music Publishing

You could be earning extra revenue whenever your music is performed live or broadcast in any kind of media. MusicNote has kept pace with the same and helped rightful owners claim revenue for the same.

Content ID

Musicnote India's YouTube Content ID feature employs digital fingerprinting technology to identify, manage, and protect your music on YouTube, allowing you to track, monetize, or block your content to safeguard your copyright.

Lyrics Distribution (coming soon)

Distribute your song's lyrics on various platforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, Facebook etc.

Report and Analytics

Musicnote India provides transparent, data-driven insights through Reporting & Analytics, optimizing your music's performance, reach, and revenue.


MusicNote.in offers an affordable solution for music distribution, providing independent artists with market-beating prices to get their music on major platforms.

Video Distribution

Musicnote India ensures your music videos reach a global audience with our efficient Video Distribution feature, maximizing visibility and audience engagement.

Illegal Takedown

Musicnote India's Unauthorized Content Removal feature actively identifies and eliminates unlicensed use of your music online, protecting your intellectual property and revenue.


Musicnote India's MultiLabel feature allows management of multiple record labels or artists under one account, providing separate analytics, royalties, and releases for each entity, all through a unified dashboard.

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Empowering Labels, Artists, and Aggregators for Music Success"

Your all-in-one solution for labels, artists, and aggregators. We provide comprehensive support for music distribution, marketing, and publishing, empowering you to achieve success in the industry. Join us today and unlock your music’s full potential.



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"Our label have been primarily working with MusicNote for audio distribution, for the last two years. The service is very efficient and trustworthy. Support system is very good, team is very helpful. Thanks to them, our revenue has grown steadily since we joined them."
Amit Jha
"Music Note India revolutionized our record label with user-friendly interface, wide reach, and robust features. Its partnerships, data analytics, and exceptional support drove tremendous growth, global exposure, and improved engagement. Fair royalty distribution and financial stability set it apart. We wholeheartedly recommend Music Note India for reliable music distribution and collaboration."
Ajan Akash Kashyap
"You're the best! We're thrilled to announce you (Musicnote India) as India's top Music Distribution Service Provider. Your timely services and dedication exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making our experience exceptional!"
Sanjib Kumar Lenka
RCN Media

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