YouTube Content ID is a service by request to MusicNote users, helping you identify whenever your music is used in a video on YouTube and earn money every time it is used in a monetized video. 

Only original music is eligible for YouTube Content ID, meaning samples or any other elements that are deemed a copyright infringement on YouTube’s policy, are denied YouTube Content ID.

Keep in mind that when YouTube Content ID is added, YouTube Music is automatically included as well. This is a requirement from YouTube’s side.

Who can request it?

This is a MusicNote feature, meaning it’s only available if you have a subscription plan.

If you get a copyright infringement message: 

Sometimes you might get a copyright message from YouTube saying that the owner of the music is MusicNote. This is because we request the Content ID on your behalf. Don’t worry, the music is yours, and the money paid out from YouTube (if advertising is added) will be found with the rest of your royalty payments.

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