Song Uploading Guidlines are based on Apple Content Delivery (Music Style Guide) Guidelines:

For information please Visit:

In Addition Keep in mind the below guidelines::

  1. Lyrics, music & composition should be original.
  2. Sample beat, purchased music, royalty free music are not allowed.
  3. Any kind of intro/outro in the track is not allowed. (Example: logo intro of any video)
  4. Song name and artist/Singer name should be mention on the artwork.
  5. The resolution of artwork should be 3000p x 3000p (in square format).
  6. The title of the song and title on the artwork should be same.
  7. Singer name in the upload form and singer name on the artwork should be the same.
  8. Phone number, addresses are not allowed on artwork/cover art.
  9. Brand name/logo, platform logo or any kind of other brand logo should not be mention on the artwork. (eg: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Adidas, Nike, Spotify etc.)
  10. Video related tag logos like HD Video, High Quality Video, HD 1080p etc. on artwork is not allowed.
  11. Any kind of brand name are not allowed in the title of the song (eg; Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike, Ferrari, Adidas etc.)
  12. If you upload more than one song then art work template should not be the same.
  13. Unauthorized cover/remix/dj/reprise songs are not allowed.
  14. Political, Advertisement, Prank Tune, National Anthem, Current Affairs, IVRS are not allowed.
  15. The artwork must not be blurry or low quality.

If you don’t follow these guidelines then the song may get rejected or delayed.