When YouTube Content ID has been added to your release, the system automatically starts scanning all videos ever uploaded on the platform to find videos that might use your music. When a video with a match with your music has been found, Content ID will automatically copyright claim the video and start monetizing it. Here’s all you need to know about copyright claims on YouTube:

What is a YouTube copyright claim?

If Content ID has been added to your release, this means that we’re claiming your music on your behalf. If someone would use your music without your permission, we will claim the video for you and you will receive the ad revenue from that video. If you upload your own music to your own channel, we will still claim the video and you will receive the money from the ads on that video. It won’t affect the status of your channel as you’re still the copyright owner of your own content, we’re simply doing the work for you. 

Can you release the claim?

When you’ve added YouTube Content ID to your release and your audio is claimed by us, this is good news. The claim simply means that the Content ID system is working and that MusicNote is monetizing your music on your behalf.  If you want MusicNote to continue to protect and monetize your music on YouTube on your behalf, simply ignore the claim. However, if you have a collaboration with another channel on YouTube and you have an agreement on not claiming the video content on your collaborators channel, you can send us the link via whatsapp or email and we will release the claim withing 24 hours in working hour.

Is a copyright claim the same as a copyright strike?

Fortunately not. These two terms may sound similar, but they are very different. As mentioned, a copyright claim means MusicNote is collecting the YouTube ad revenue of your music for you. It’s very different from the infamous YouTube copyright strike, which is usually related to copyright infringement and can lead to a channel being banned. To keep it simple: copyright claim = good, whereas copyright strike = bad. So although they may sound the same, make sure to know the difference between a copyright claim and a copyright strike! 

Can you remove Content ID from my release?

We highly recommend keeping Content ID on your release, since this service is helping you monetize your music on YouTube. We are handling your copyrights on YouTube for you and any copyrights conflicts that may occur on the platform. If you remove Content ID from your release, you won’t get any more claims and your music won’t be protected and monetized in YouTube anymore. If you’re still sure you want to remove it, contact us.